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A dice game called "sex dice" is meant to intensify the sexual ambiance and encourage foreplay. The names of various body parts are written on each face of the dice in place of numbers; when the die is rolled, attention must be paid to the body part that faces up.

To "break the ice and extend [one's] foreplay," one can roll sex dice. In order to "add diversity to [one's] bedroom romps," it is preferable for individuals who are not particularly flexible to roll the sex dice (as they can't try "novel and imaginative position[s]" otherwise).

In this game of chance, roll the dice and make your teammates pay the price. Games and gifts for boyfriends and girlfriends that are fun and sexy. Play with pornographic dice and have fun.

Sex dice. Your most private sexual dreams are etched on the sides of these really cool dice.

Play dice in complete darkness with your companion. You can still see the dice and the location they land in thanks to the glow-in-the-dark technology.

It's incredibly attractive and a lot of fun to have around you for an evening, especially if you want to indulge in some adult games rather than watch television. The dice will help you progress!